esoteric R

Doing things well in R requires understanding the R language. With literally thousands of functions shipped in the core distribution, and tens of thousands more in contributed packages on CRAN and Bioconductor, maximizing your effort requires understanding some of the less documented or talked about features of the language and environment.

esoteric R™ is a new series of resources – from lemnica™ experts and leading community contributors – shedding light on the more esoteric parts of the language. Covering all aspects of programming with R — from sockets, closures and the C API, to exploring the myriad packages available, we'll journey from corner to corner to illuminate some of the how and why of using R in business and academia.

Jeffrey Ryan
Founder lemnica, corp.

esoteric R | Introducing Closures — Posted 2011-01-13

esoteric R | R Calling C — Posted 2011-01-13

All source code and examples for the esotericR series are available in the accompanying package on CRAN:

Get the package here: esotericR

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